The Magic Flute Review

Anastasiya, Age 10

It was the first of November in the Ottawa Art Gallery and I was watching The Magic Flute, an opera composed by Mozart and presented to us that day by Opera Lyra. The tale takes place in outer space a long time ago. There are two planets: the Sun planet and the Moon planet.  The moon planet, has an evil queen who wants to rule the Sun planet too.

If you ask me about the stage I’ll tell you one thing: it isn’t a normal square stage it is an abstract, magical stage.

Me, I absolutely loved the role of Papageno, played by Cairan Ryan. He is really funny and creative in the way that he uses his body on stage.

The costumes , designed by Sarah Waghorn, are very original. Even though some of them aren’t space themed they are still great.

The part I didn’t like was at the beginning of the play because the little kids in the audience were whispering, talking, and giggling so it made it hard for me to understand the characters.

The rest of the play I really enjoyed. I found the play very interesting to watch and listen to.

‘Til later!