Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Reviews The Magic Flute!

Brianna McFarlane

This past month the New Ottawa Critics led another workshop in criticism for the youth theatre program at Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre, run by OttawaU alumni Ekaterina Vetrova. This time around we went to see Opera Lyra’s production of The Magic Flute which was staged at Arts Court Theatre and is currently touring schools across the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Most of the class had never been to an opera before so it was a great experiment in critiquing genres of theatre you are not necessarily familiar with. With some younger additions to the group, I decided to allow the kids a little more freedom in submitting their reviews to help facilitate more creative processes in their criticism. As such I presented the class with three options of which they could choose one:

1) Write a traditional theatre review

2) Record a 30 second Vlog

3)Interpret an element or elements of the play through images.

The kids worked incredibly hard and I am happy to present you their results!

***You can read the traditional written reviews here.***

***Check out our Vlogs below!***

(In order of appearance Aliza, 14, and Alexandra, 13; Anna, Age 9; Misha, Age 14; Aliza and Natalie, 14)

***Savva, age 10, decided to draw his impressions of the show. See his work here.***