Chase and Stacey Present a Joyous Ride

Meaghan Flaherty

Chase & Stacey Present: Joyride, a sketch comedy/ musical show performed by Stacey Hallal and Chase Padgett is certainly exactly what it promises – a joyous ride. Laugh out loud funny and very interesting to watch, this show is certainly one that’s worth hopping on board.

Featuring flashlight dance parties, songs about topics such as giving advice to your past self, an ill-fated office romance, and a rhythmic gymnastics routine, it is difficult to describe each sketch in detail, as there were many, without ruining some of the magic. My favourite sketch featured Padgett as a rutabaga farmer attempting to get over his stage fright as he films a commercial.

Padgett and Hallal are magic together – they have great  chemistry  and it is clear that their unique relationship allows them to play against each other in all facets. They play strangers, lovers, co-workers and everything in between, and they always manage to fit the role. They are each individually hilarious and even more so as a duo. As a musician, Padgett is wonderful. Hallal could be pitchy at times during the songs, but with her magnetic personality I very quickly forgave her.

All in all this show is awesome. Extremely funny and inventive for something you think you might have seen before.

Chase and Stacey Present: Joyride

written and performed by Chase Padgett and Stacey Hallal