Dicky Dicky

Carol Sinclair


Comedian Louie CK once said “you don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.”  Garkin Productions embodies this sentiment whole-heartedly with their production of Dicky Dicky.  Adult diapers, half naked sweaty men, mullet wigs, sassy set changes, cat food, boobs and pool noodle penises, what does this all add up to?  Comedy gold.

The concept of this show is simple, seven writers each produce one sketch and at the end of each performance the audience votes for their favourite.  Your votes matter, as the writer of the winning sketch is only one to get a share of the profits.  Some, more than others, seem to be going for the cash; while others use the opportunity to make their friends do ridiculous things on stage.  Whatever their intention, the audience is the real winner.

Starring David Benedict Brown and Ray Besharah, and directed by Melanie Karin Brown, this show will surely make you laugh, and at times uncomfortable, but that’s all part of the experience.  Dave and Ray are a great team; they play off each other well and are both very comfortable in their skin, which is an asset for a show like this.  In the first few sketches, both at times seemed to be pushing punch lines, as if they were trying too hard to be funny, which lessened the comedic effect.  As soon as they found their footing, relaxed a bit, and trusted their abilities, the performers really hit their strides. Brown has a unique ability to create characters that can make me cringe and laugh all at once.  I must applaud both for their commitment to their craft, as they did things I never expected to see in a live performance at Ottawa Fringe.

You are running out of time so don’t miss the chance to see this dynamic duo play out the most ridiculous sketch show of the festival!  This is something you must witness to truly understand, so get your dicky dicky’s to the theatre!


Upcoming shows (BOYV C-Court Room)


Saturday, 28 @ 19:30

Sunday, 29 @ 16:30