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This play follows one young woman as she prepares for a blind date and explores the desperate straights to which she has driven herself in response to the ideas of desire and love that permeate our popular culture.

Creator and star Jessica Fitzpatrick takes her audience on an engaging trip along the path of Annie Miller’s racing mind with the hilarious aid of props from the foundations of Annie’s approach to love, as well as a few cameo appearances by her mom.

The show kicks off with Annie basking in the glow of a romantic movie montage that she edited herself to include all her favourite emotional moments and lines. This sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the play, which draws its humour from the tension between Annie’s Hollywood expectations and the disappointment that reality inevitably presents. This is done in such a light hearted and fun way that it mesmerizes the audience and draws them right along on the chaotic journey.

Fitzpatrick’s performance is big in a way that perfectly conjures Annie as a girl who has never grown out of her fantasies and is performs her dreams for her friends (that’s us) in her bedroom. Her energy is captivating. The strongest aspect of the performance for me were Fitzpatrick’s embodiments of Annie-as-her-mother. The physicality of these two characters was similar but clearly distinct, and echoed the reality of mother-daughter (read: parent-child) relationships. I also appreciated how several of Annie’s mannerisms seemed to recall the speech and actions of her mother throughout the story, which I thought added great depth to the telling.

The show is well staged, and Fitzpatrick fills the space without ever seeming to try. Beyond that, she does some good bits of audience participation that are relatively harmless but really draw the crowd into the bedroom on stage. This casts the watchers as an important part of the play’s fun and progress.

This show is quite simply a fun time and a solid performance. Go check it out if you’re in the mood for something unabashedly funny and light-hearted.


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June 29 @ 14:30