Deranged Dating

Carol Sinclair

A 35-year-old single woman shares her attempts at finding love and all the bizarre, cocky, perverted men she has had disastrous dates and relationships with.  For anyone that has had a tough time in love will appreciate her eccentric anecdotes and relate to her epic failures in the game of love.

Written and performed by Shirley Kirchman, this script shares true stories of her love life.  The highlights of the script were her witty one-liners that had me laughing out loud.  As she has come all the way from Johannesburg she crafts amusing comparisons to the areas of her home to Ottawa’s neighbourhoods and the people that inhabit them.  Her bits about a GPS for men that could explain kissing and other sexual activities gave an all too real view of the problems women face in the dating world.  All around, the script was well constructed with a good balance of story telling and humourous tangents.

Kirchman’s combination of physical and stand up comedy had the audience entertained from beginning to end.  Her interpretive dance of a break up was a clear favorite for all.  Some transitions were a bit messy, partially due to their reliance on tech the venue could not provide, but they could have been reworked slightly to better fit with what was available.  At times her hand gestures that were meant to be a specific action needed to be more clear as I was not always aware of what she was trying to do.

Despite some shaky transitions, this show provides a hilarious and truthful view of the dating world and the ridiculous things men and women go through to impress each other.  Let it be known there is some raunchy content, so enter at your own risk if you are sensitive to lewd conversations about sex.  If that is your cup of tea, head on down to Avant-Garde for a good time!

Note: only after getting a ticket patrons are informed they must purchase a beverage (alcoholic or non) so be sure to have a few extra dollars with you!


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