Carol Sinclair

The impending apocalypse seems to be quite the popular theme at Fringe this year, and these kinds of shows often fall into the trap of being one-dimensional or kitschy, but Iredea, the apocalyptic dance rock opera is anything but.

The story of how the world ended is complex and engaging.  It is illustrated with disturbing projections and narrated by a solemn voice that sets the mood for the entire production.  The soundtrack, composed by Ted Strauss, supported the dancers and added depth to the piece by maintaining the eerie atmosphere of the nearly deserted planet.

Performed by Ted Strauss, Jenn Doan, Mark Medrano, Melina Stinson and Maria Paula Cano, this dance troupe is a strong collective that is captivating from start to finish.  Each shine as individuals with their own unique style, but compliment each other when performing together.  Without any dialogue between them, they manage to create multi-dimensional characters and carried the story through their mesmerizing movement.  With the strength and control of their bodies, it was clear why they were the survivors; it was as though they could carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

This production is unlike any dance show I have ever seen.  Its complex beauty adds a new dimension to Fringe that should not be missed.


Upcoming Shows: (Venue 3: Academic Hall)


Tuesday, 24 @ 20:00

Wednesday, 25 @ 23:00

Saturday, 28 @ 12:30

Sunday, 229 @ 18:00