Don’t Tell My Dad

Meaghan Flaherty


Based on the simple premise of one woman’s journey through life, growing up middle class, Don’t Tell My Dad, written and performed by Chelsea Manders, is a comedic musical that wins a ton of laughs.

Manders shares her story through small monologues and explanations that feature musical numbers and props to help guide the audience through a wide range of topics. These topics cover everything important to a suburban female coming-of-age, such as love, mermaids, existential babies, sex, and Canadian favorite, Anne of Green Gables.

Raunchy, endearing, and fun, Manders clearly uses her ability as a comedian to draw you into this show, though there is no definite story attached to the journey. As I mentioned, the story guides the audience through Manders’ life and provides insight into the development of her self-confessed “messed up” sense of humor, despite being raised with loving, supportive parents.

This show was easy to relate to, and though more of a stand-up comedy routine with music than a theatrical piece, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a laugh.

I seriously want to see it again, and buy her CD, so I won’t forget how hilarious her songs are and I couldn’t get enough.


Written and Performed By Chelsea Manders


Upcoming Shows: (Venue #3: Academic Hall)


June 25th 6 PM

June 27th 9:30 PM

June 29th 12 PM