Against Gravity Charms and Delights

Carol Sinclair

Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel take us through their imaginative world of sound and colour with their little leading man who is trying to find his heart.

This unique form of story telling uses an overhead projector to bring to life their puppets and the unique world they live in.  By lighting from the front, the duo is able to sit closer to their audience and talk to them throughout the performance.  They even rely on the audience to become a collective soundboard.  These interactive moments made the show all the more fun to see.

These two are everything one hopes to see in a duo.  They compliment each other’s skill sets and play well off each other.  The quick and dynamic hands of Gabriel moved the majority of the pieces over the projector while Ziner brings a vibrant soundtrack to the piece with her bass, unique beat boxing skills and a loop pedal.

If you are in the mood for something short, sweet, and beautiful this is a show for you!


Upcoming Shows: (Venue #3: Academic Hall)


June 22, @ 21:00

June 24 @ 23:00

June 27 @ 20:00

June 29 @ 13:30