The Devil’s Bedevilled Circus

Carol Sinclair

When circus performers die, they enter the Devil’s circus where they are transformed into demons and are forced to perform for all eternity.  Orpheus and Eurydice are tightrope walkers, and in a tragic “accident,” Eurydice enters Lucifer’s lair.  Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai mount this tale using Bunraku puppets and marionettes, and while this concept intrigued me, the production ultimately fell flat.

The story itself left out all the complexity of the original myth.  What replaced it was a rather dull love story of the Devil and Eurydice intertwined with performances from demon puppets.  The script could have been forgiven if the puppets had been more engaging, but unfortunately this was not the case.  Many of the demon performers did the same few movements, which quickly became tiresome to watch.  Through transitions, the Devil was left untouched and it was as though all life had left the puppet.  It seemed as though another set of hands was required to maintain the momentum of the show, without which the performance lagged.

The voicing of the characters was weak from both performers.  Wishes’ attempt at animated voices for the Devil, Orpheus and the Grim Reaper felt forced, and quickly became cheesy.  At several moments Yanai seemed uncomfortable with the text and at times was hard to understand.

I tried to like this production as it progressed, but the combination of the weak script, uncomfortable transitions, and the repetitiveness of the puppets makes this show difficult to recommend.


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