Review: Great Battles in History

Carol Sinclair

A tall slender man enters a cluttered stage and begins shuffling trinkets and lights around as he explains that this is not the show we were meant to see.  Armed with a projector, a ukulele, and the unfinished script of a musical about the greatest battles in history, his story begins.


The musical that could have been and the quick-witted history lessons set the backdrop for the crumbling personal relationships that surround Shyzer’s character.  What is so unique about this show is that although these personal relationships are the heart of the show, they are barely mentioned, and many of his comments are more to himself than the audience, but everything he says about them is so poignant.  He says so little, but there is a complexity revealed in his subtleties.

Mark Shyzer’s secondary characters are side-splittingly funny (my personal favourites include the PR girls and Napoleon), but I was completely blown away by the way he gave himself so completely to his main character that I have not stopped thinking about it since I left the theatre.  The world he has created at first glance is so simple, but as the show progresses it becomes more complex than I ever expected it to be.  Whether you enjoy musicals or history or neither, this show is for you. It is for everyone.  This is one of the best one-man shows I have ever seen and I cannot recommend it enough.


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