A Mind Full of Dopamine

Carol Sinclair

Rory Ledbetter takes us on a roller coaster ride of his gambling addiction while sharing clever pop culture references and his mad harmonica skills.  Ledbetter looks right at home on stage and glides through his stories with ease making him a joy to watch.  His storytelling is filled to the brim with vivid imagery and cheeky character voices that kept me laughing.

My one criticism comes more from personal taste because Rory really was amazing.  I found there was a lot of time explaining the hands everyone was dealt every poker game we watched him relive and I recognize that knowing the cards built tension to every big win or massive loss but as someone who does not enjoy poker I found the card talk a bit tedious to listen to by the end.  But even this I can almost forgive for his Shakespeare and Doctor Who references.

If you enjoy cards, high stakes, risks and games then get yourself to the Arts Court Library to get a good rush of dopamine!


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