L’Araignée is Unique


Carol Sinclair

Upon entering the dimly lit Firestone gallery we are met by eerie sounds from a tape recorder and the stare of a still woman in blue.  It looks as though she is a piece on display among the other art.  When she rises, we all follow and thus begins the story of the spider.  This performance is part movement, part instillation, part poetry and overall, captivating.

Chloé Tremblay stole the spotlight the moment she began.  Her rhythmical sounds and vocal control were hypnotizing.  Her animalistic movements and mesmerizing hands were supported by a beautiful tension held from head to toe.  Her performance alone is enough reason to see this show.

Catherine Boutin was more human in contrast to Chloé’s animal.  Boutin had strong moments but at times fell into a melodramatic tone that did not fit the piece.  As the show progressed she became stronger.

As these women move about the space and their audience, we become part of their instillation.  The lighting concept (which I don’t want to give away) allowed the audience to participate in a way I have not experienced.  The majority of the text is in French and I will admit hard to follow at times, but even if you don’t speak a word of French there is an entire story told through the rhythms of the body.  I highly recommend this show to anyone trying to expand their theatrical vocabulary, as I have never seen something like this in Ottawa.


Note: Space is limited, consider booking your tickets in advance.


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