Review: No Second Chances Presented by GRIMprov!

Brie McFarlane

You got to hand it to these guys: GRIMprov knows their improv. This company has been bestowing their improvised comedy shows on the Ottawa Fringe Festival since I started coming to this event here in the capital city. In fact, I can’t remember an Ottawa Fringe without GRIMprov. This year they’re back with a set of shows they’ve entitled No Second Chances. Each show is a different style of long-form improv where the audience is given some control over the direction of the piece. My night in particular was The Cop-Out where the grittiness of the cop drama is determined by shouts of “more gritty” or “less gritty” from the crowd. This is a particularly fun show to be a part of and one of my personal favourites.

Furthermore, GRIMprov was really on their ‘A’ game Thursday night, showcasing just how quick they are on their feet and their awareness of both themselves and the audience (a good indication of how they maintain dominance over a style of theatre that, given the chance, can get out of hand quickly). Though the scene occasionally drops due to conflicting audience responses, the boys are adept at getting right back on track and, more often than not, with hilarious results. Another added bonus: each show has a notable guest star thrown into the mix; Crystal Basement’s Jody Haucke was certainly memorable as the “Repeat Offender”.

What I appreciate most about GRIMprov is their comfort and ease on stage and their chemistry with one another. Their years of work together is very evident in their performances and they make improvised comedy look like child’s play. Which is why I think that this company is often wrongly dismissed as three guys who just “goof around” on stage. Certainly, that is one the elements, but if you care to take a closer look you’ll find three hard working individuals who are dedicated to continually developing their craft. I highly recommend seeing these guys and I’ve already planned my second visit.


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