Silent Party Interlude: Review

Carol Sinclair

When faced with no direction in life, useless degrees and a dead end bar tending gig, a marginal alcoholic party girl tries to find more out of life and lands herself at a ten day silent meditation camp.  She leaves behind her boy toy, reluctantly hands in her cell phone and begins a journey of self-exploration.

Silent Party Interlude 5 (Madhava Photography)


(Photo cred: Madhava Photography)

Written and performed by Devon More, this one-woman show explores the darkness of self loathing and the enlightenment of self discovery.  Her physical comedy lightens the mood and breaks the tension of her original songs played on guitar or ukulele that delve into the demons of her existential crisis.  As she begins her journey I was left squirming in my seat as though I was experiencing all of the discomforts of a silent meditation camp.  The thoughts that come forth when you no longer have electronic devices or one night stands to mask them, one can begin to feel very isolated.  As the journey progresses and that weight begins to lift off the performer’s shoulders, it also in turn lifted from me.  Through her song lyrics and movement style you are tied to her emotionally beginning to end.

The quarter life crisis (or any life crisis for that matter) affects us all differently.  Whether one is looming ahead, or your current hell, or even something you look back on nostalgically, this show provides insightful understanding of those struggles and expresses that it can eventually come to an end.  I highly recommend taking this short journey with her; you may be surprised what it will reveal about you.

Silent Party Interlude

Presented by Devon More Music

Venue 2- Arts Court Library

June 20 11pm

June 21 2:30pm

June 24 9:30pm

June 27 7:30pm

June 28 6:30pm

60min- PG