Mr. & Mrs. Jones: history, mystery and magic!

Carol Sinclair


Get ready, for you are about to bear witness to the final performance of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the famous psychic illusionists (and scam artists) from New Zealand.  This vaudeville inspired show jumps from the classic illusions that amazed and scared their late nineteenth century audiences  to present day where the performers share the history and mystery that surrounds their act.

Mr & Mrs Jones 1 (cred Nick White)

With the help of audience members, the psychic abilities of Mrs. Jones (played by Lizzie Tollemache) are as impressive now as they most likely were in the late 1800s.  Mr. Jones (played by David Ladderman) has a playful showmanship that helps stiffer audience members warm up to the prospect of participating in the show.  Individually these artists are clearly multi-talented in the world of performance but together they have a contagious chemistry that adds depth to their characters’ relationship which lies at the heart of the show.  When the actors break character to share the context surrounding the infamous performers, they do so in a manner that resembles excited school children, sometimes speaking over each other in hopes of telling their favourite parts of the tale.  They themselves are so mesmerized by the skills of this infamous couple that you cannot help but be pulled into the magic of it all.  Although there is plenty going on onstage, and not all seemed to go quite as planned, the duo did a stand-up job.

Be brave and volunteer for the phenomenal Mr. and Mrs. Jones!

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Presented by You Rung? Productions

BYOV C- The Courtroom

June 20 9pm

June 21 10:30pm

June 22 10:30pm

June 26 7pm

June 27 5:30pm

June 28 9pm

June 29 3pm

60 min- PG