Superhero Showdown: A Great Time to be Had by All

Meaghan Flaherty

                Rock the Arts specializes in puppet shows for parties and events. This year they brought Superhero Showdown, a show about two young puppets, Tillie and Kev, and their babysitter who all want to be superheroes, to the 2013 Fringe Festival. This show is family friendly, fun, and just a generally great time to be had by all. The performers had a great energy and the audience, which mostly consisted of children and their parents, all seemed to have a blast as they learned about compassion, thoughtfulness and perseverance through three imagination stories about being a hero.

This show is exactly what it promises to be – a fun and interactive puppet show. The setting was multileveled to allow for puppets on each level to be manipulated by the two creators and performers Sarah Argue and Megan Carty in behind the setting. As you walked into the Arts Court Theater, old school juke box music was playing to get the kids visibly pumped up for the great time they were about to have. As they begin to tell the story of Tillie and Kevin, the girls bring in some audience participation, such as when Carty was looking for the two young puppets who she was babysitting, and asked the audience to scream as loudly as they can and point when they see them – I always forget how eager children are to participate until moments like these when a chorus of them yell in unison; it was great to witness and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. There was another great participation moment when Argue brought up some kids and a very lucky parent to help her in the three steps to making the hot chocolate of compassion. This show was very entertaining and enjoyable for all ages, as the parents were having as much fun as their kids. If you are a parent looking for some new entertainment ideas for your kids’ next party, I recommend checking out Rock the Arts to see what they have to offer.

Presented by Rock the Arts

Created and Performed by Sarah Argue and Megan Carty