Assassinating Thomson: A Canadian Masterpiece

Carol Sinclair

        What really happened to Tom Thomson?  What truths have been lost because of the manipulation of our perception of an event that took place almost 100 years ago?  How has being a Canadian artist changed since then? How can we see through the eyes of another?  How do we see through the eyes of a blind man?

Bruce Horak takes us through his journey of growing up visually impaired, becoming an artist and his discovery of Tom Thomson in this one-man show masterpiece.  Horak’s story telling skills are captivating as he casts light on the parallel between our perception of life, history and art. I have never experienced a performance quite like this; its originality and energy are inspiring.  His pace and comedic timing make it feel as though you are talking with an old friend.  As he literally paints the audience Bruce shares a rare insight into his worldview, and although it is blurry it is beautiful.


Presented by Monster Theatre