Around Miss Julie- Review

Carol Sinclair

            A new director (played by Miriam Cummings) has taken on the challenge of an adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, “Julie in a Snow Storm,” because of her deep connection with the lead character.  Their commonalities surpass sharing a name, they both have a rich father, a raging sex drive and most importantly are incredibly naïve to the world around them.  This is quite a shock for her three actors who are left without any clear direction, costumes or stage manager.  Through the rehearsal process the lines between life and art become blurred as opening night looms nearer.

The Hopegrown gang out of Montreal does a standup job of depicting the stress surrounding a production that is condemned from the beginning.  Lindsey Huebner, as Donna (who plays Christine), Samantha Megarry as Ilona (who plays Julie), and Graham Berlin as Lyle (who plays John) have excellent chemistry and kept the audience engaged and laughing from start to finish.  Huebner really shines as Donna wrestles with constantly being type cast and the emotional strain of an artist.  It is in no way necessary to participate in theatre or be familiar with the original text to enjoy this show, though some jokes resonate more with those who do.


Written by Harry Standjofski

Directed by Nora Paton

Presented by Hopegrown Productions