The Show Must Go On

 Ian Huffam

            An excellent show! The Show Must Go On is an excellent addition to the lineup at this year’s Fringe.

Horror stories about touring children’s theatre productions over the last 30 years have been neatly gathered up and tied into the story of one such production from the point of view of Jeff, a young actor just out of theatre school. Jeff accepts a role in a 10-month touring production of the Storytime Players’ Rumpelstiltskin; a tour with 186 shows spread out over 7568 km of Canadian highway. Along the way Jeff and his tour companions Mandy and Old Murphy encounter power tripping principals, incredibly unsafe mountain highways, semen-encrusted hotel beds, and biker drug lords.

This outlandish tale is brought to life by the vivacious Jeff Leard, who manages to slow down the unlikelier aspects of the story despite his bottomless energy, which he maintains to the end of the show.

This show explains why those who go into theatre do it, while at the same time mocking the aspects of such a lifestyle that make it such an unattractive option. It’s for the love of the craft, something that is so obviously here in this show.


By Jeff Leard

Presented by Random Samples Collective