Tinfoil Satellite- Review

Meaghan Flaherty

                Tinfoil Satellite is exactly what you think it’s going to be – friends making fun of horrible movies. Taking place in the Royal Oak Basement on Laurier, the atmosphere is so relaxed and inviting. You are told to bring down food but more importantly, a drink, and to “stock up” as there will be games. A couch and a tinfoil satellite (we are told it is an Ikea lamp and potato masher covered in foil) have been added to the front part of the basement, where microphones have been set up in front of the seating so the comments of Michael Showler, David Rowan, Joady MacIntosh, and Andrew Jonasson can be heard over the movie, which changes every three nights. I had the pleasure of seeing a black and white Vincent Price Movie called “The Tingler”; it was as horrible as promised and the comments most definitely improved the experience, as they always does with horrible movies.

The cast presents the movie as is, while interrupting it with little sketches all set up under the story that they are picking up the feed of this movie from next door through the homemade tinfoil satellite. Some of these sketches are pretty funny, as they constantly break the fourth wall and mention things like how conveniently planned a prop was for being in a bar. The sketches can get a bit annoying sometimes though, but it doesn’t ruin the experience.  Audience members are encouraged to tweet at tinfoil satellite if they have a funny comment that the boys will try to slip in, or will the next night if it is deemed worthy. Tinfoil Satellite is just a fun time with friends where you can drink and hang out and laugh. Well worth the time, though be warned if you have a tight Fringe Schedule, they are known to go over their advertised 70 minute time.

Presented by Deviate Comedy

Playing in the Royal Oak Basement – on Laurier Ave.