My Second Smile

Meaghan Flaherty

                Hilarious, poignant, touching, and well done, My Second Smile is A MUST SEE SHOW!!!!! Written and performed by Noah Spitzer, the plot tells of his trials with thyroid cancer at a young age. Yes I know, “hilarious” and “cancer” don’t seem like they’d be the best mix, but the style of almost over-the-top humor is perfect for telling Spitzers’ anecdotes. The lighting, sound, and direction add perfectly to the well-crafted script to make this so much more than the “one-boy-show” it is advertised to be.

In the beginning, Spitzer tells his story in a non-linear fashion, usually talking about his life or things that inspire him, then going back to moments during his treatment while playing the many characters of himself, various doctors, etc. He continues in this fashion until all of the stories just blend together in a linear fashion. Spitzers’ ability to play so many characters almost seamlessly is wonderful; he is melodramatic in the best way for making fun of one’s own experiences.  He manages to contrast his crazy humor with very real emotional moments that are truly touching and inspiring. As mentioned before, the sound, lighting and direction all combine perfectly with the script. Some of my favorite moments include the bit with him in the elevator, being under anesthesia (while playing Aladdin) then waking up to ”Oh Fortuna”, and certainly not my  least favorite, but the last moment I will mention is his epic light saber battle with Jesus over Pad Thai. In each of these moments (and many more) the light and sound are used to create space, and to contrast the differences from moment to moment perfectly for the comedic style of the piece.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved My Second Smile. In addition to seeing a fantastic show, ten percent of all proceeds are going to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, not to mention, in each program you will find an envelope to offer a donation to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.  I can’t think of two better reasons to see some excellent theater.

Presented by Toronto New Theater

Written and Performed by Noah Spitzer

Directed and dramaturged by Eva Barrie

Technical Direction and Design by Evan Bonnah-Hawkes

Production/Stage Management by Teanne Teeft

Playing at the Arts Court Theater