Happiness- Review

Carol Sinclair

At a seminar for HPL, sales reps Peter Barrel (Cory Thibert), a seasoned veteran and James Lemon (Tony Adams), eager to prove himself on his first day, are here to sell you Happiness.  With an array of products for sale they promise to turn your life around.  As the men become more competitive to outsell the other, the façade of their brand quickly begins to crumble. The dark side of greed brings their private lives to the surface and reveal how broken they are, and how far they really are from attaining anything that resembles happiness. Even as things turn sour both Tony and Cory will keep you laughing with their ingenious props, quick wit and killer dance moves.

May Can Theatre have stepped away from their coming of age stories that have graced Fringe stages for the past two years and have challenged themselves as both writers and performers by creating more complex characters that are not so reflective of themselves.  They do however; maintain their electric chemistry and their audience friendly interactive performances.  There is so much packed into this show but everything runs so seamlessly one never feels lost, just completely enthralled.  Whether you are already a fan of May Can or seeing them for the first time, you will definitely be sold on Happiness.


Directed by Madeleine Boyes-Manseau

Presented by May Can Theatre

Playing at T.A.N. Coffee (BYOV H)