Keeper- Review

Carol Sinclair


Inside our mind, where memories are being stored there is a keeper to hold onto them and bring them to us when we need to remember.  Emma’s keeper has added her own personal artistic flair to the job, which at times gets her in trouble.  With the help of the audience we see Emma’s past memories while her keeper shows us how important it is to remember where we came from.

Performer and creator Emma Zabloski creates a magical world and we are all invited.  Her electric physicality ensures that she is never overpowered by the bright set pieces that surround her, but instead create a perfect backdrop to her stories.  This high energy piece pulls the audience in to make new memories together giving each performance its own unique twist.  If audience participation is not your thing perhaps sitting in the second row is in your best interest, but this is a play your keeper will sincerely appreciate.


Presented by Zopyra Theatre

Playing at Studio 311 (BYOV E)