The Fight-Review

Meaghan Flaherty

    Think of this- a dystopian society that requires people to fight in order to survive. Your first thought may be, “that’s been done before”, well that’s because it has. Fireflood Theater tries so hard with their new show, The Fight, but doesn’t manage to make take this overdone concept and make it original. Though there is some fantastic stage combat, it seems as if plot and character development were an afterthought to co-writers and performers Nicholas Amott and Brennan Richardson.

The story follows two psuedo-gladiator fighters (Amott and Richardson) as they approach their thousandth fight against each other. As the plot flips between the past and present to show previous fights, some of which feature Rebecca Laviolette, we see some truly awesome stage combat. The fight scenes are intricately choreographed, and the effort to make what must have been practiced to death look natural is evident. Though the combat seemed effortless, the rest of the show certainly did not ; there were lots of dropped and flubbed lines, and it seemed as if they skipped a part of the show as Laviolette appeared from a curtain then quickly disappeared, never to be seen in that costume again. Even if these mistakes hadn’t been made, Fireflood missed the mark on this one as they tried to make the story original again but just ended up making it cheesier.