Carol Sinclair

     I must first state that I am not fully bilingual and so this review is coming from someone that is not perfect at the language but is trying, and has a great respect for the French theatre community in Ottawa.

This site specific drama plays out in the small kitchen of St Paul’s Eastern United Church when Dolores (Nancy Kenny) comes to her sister Sandra (Martine Roquebrune) for help and protection from her long time abusive husband who has threatened to kill her. Sandra refuses as she wants no part in her sister’s affairs that have been causing issues her entire life. As the story progresses we come to realize that Sandra’s life is not as perfect as she would like Dolores and the rest of the world to think and the sisters begin to rekindle their troubled relationship. Just as we think things may be looking up for Dolores an unexpected twist suggests that these few moments of reconnecting will be the last for a long time, and an even harder struggle has yet to come.

Kenny, who also translated the script, struggles in portraying a battered woman, but when it comes to building a relationship with Roquebrune she fairs much better. Martine better grasps the complexity of her character and gives a raw performance that was very powerful to witness up so close and personal.

The French was not hard to follow and I would highly recommend this to any English theatre patrons or artists that would like to expand their theatrical vocabulary.


Written by Allen Edward Baker

Directed by Tania Levy

Presented by Broken Turtle Productions

Playing at St. Paul’s Eastern United Church