Be A Man

Carol Sinclair

     Be a Man is series of vignettes depicting the many facets of men dealing with sex, drugs, music, guns, masturbation, STIs and many other struggles in life. I must first applaud the performers (Lorenzo Damiani, Tyler Girard, Antony Hall and Corey Schmitt) for their amazing energy. This show was fast paced and incredibly physically demanding, yet the performers all rise to the occasion. Although some of the more poignant scenes were lacking in emotional complexity, the men switch seamlessly between characters, keep up the pace and have great comedic timing.

I do however; have concerns with the script itself. The multiple stereotypes of men were done well, but there was little commentary on the issues presented. When more serious issues were explored, for example, the violence gay men face while in public with a partner, all they are able to conclude on the topic is that anyone should be able to hold their partners hand without fear. I am not arguing against this point by any means, but I do feel that an audience full of artists and art lovers are about the most gay friendly audience you could compile and they could have handled a more in depth exploration of the complex problem presented instead of simple statement that offered no new insight to anyone watching. They state they hope for change, but offer no ways of achieving it.

I would recommend this show to see the acting skills out of Edmonton, just don’t expect major insight on the whole gender issue.

[**Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Be A Man has been cancelled due to actor injury.]

Directed by Jon Paterson

Presented by RibbitRePublic Theatre

Playing at Arts Court