Ask Aggie- The Advice Diva

Carol Sinclair

This part improv, part scripted, part musical one woman show has Aggie, played by Christine Lesiak, sharing her stories of her five deceased husbands while answering the audience’s questions about life, love and sex.

Upon entering the theatre we are asked to write down our questions for Aggie and put them in her box center stage (sexual innuendo is very prevalent in this show). When answering our questions Aggie first seems cheeky and witty, but as she worked through all fifteen it became a bit repetitive. The content of her songs was amusing but the vocals and choreography were both lacking. The scripted section felt forced and I think Lesiak’s nerves got the better of her.

As a concept the show is successful, but it needs some work. Lesiak was strongest in her improv and I think the show could benefit from spending more time with each question and letting go of some of the long scripted tales of her husbands as they were not effective in moving the story forward.

If Ask Aggie makes its way on to your Fringe list this week, be sure to leave your most deviant questions, I don’t write that maliciously, those were her best bits!

Directed by Jan Henderson

Written and performed by Christine Lesiak

Playing at Arts Court Library